Our Story


“Since we were founded in 1980, our goal has always been to provide a menu that appeals to all, using fresh ingredients, in a comforting atmosphere the whole family can enjoy. We’ve tried new things throughout the years. Some of them have worked, some haven’t. These successes, and failures, made us who we are today. We’re constantly learning and evolving and we aren’t perfect – we don’t claim to be. But we’re proud to serve our communities and excited for our future.

That’s why we’re so proud to introduce our new menu. We’ve kept the same, great Elephant Bar Restaurant exclusives you’ve come to love…but made them better, using only made-from- scratch methods and high-quality ingredients. Better menu items, new craft cocktails, new wine list, and new brunch cocktails. We’ve completely evolved.

As we re-defined Elephant Bar Restaurant, we went to a scratch kitchen and use fresh ingredients in our food and craft cocktails. Serving them with genuine hospitality is our passion and our commitment to you. We take your feedback to heart and have re-defined our quality and service. I want to hear from you. Email me at allears@elephantbar.com. We take your feedback to heart and have elevated our quality and service.”

—Jeff Marshall, Vice President of Operations & Training